Sunday, 29 April 2007

From Trail God to A&E in one day!

Can a new bike be possesed?

My new Inbred is chucking me off on most rides, though I must admit the new bike tempts me to do things on the trail that I would'nt normally attempt.

However, I think I know what it is. My previous bikes were 80mm travel...arse high....nose low jobs, and just to hop a fallen twig took a Herculean effort to lift the front wheel. The Inbred however responds all to easilly to any rider input, it's just one step away from voice command!

Anyroadup, I cleared a couple of fallen trees that I had been gagging to nail for ages. Then the other evening I decided to clear the said trees whilst maintaining my normal riding speed.

I hit the second tree, gave it a pull on the bars and a quick stomp on the peadal and................................

I ended up flipping the bike and lading on my back across the tree trunk, legs one side, head and shoulders the other. My first thought was 'wheelchair'. Then I realised I could'nt feel any pain, that bloody worried me, then the pain came thank God!. but I could'nt move. Luckilly the mobile was in the side pocket of my pack, and with it I called my missus to collect me, and some mates to collect my car.

A&E was quiet on Wednesday evening.

After some x-rays it was concluded that nothing was actually wrong with me, technically I was just hurt.

So now I'm sitting here pee'd off because I was about to get some running in and do some more treking with my daughter as well as soak up the dry dusty trails.

The shoes will just have to wait.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Oh err new bike btw.

Here it is, one of your actuall limited edition of a 100, 853 On One Inbreds in Pompino Blue.

All glued together with full XT, 819 tubeless, Mono Minis, RF bars, Hope stem, Thomson post, Candy's, SRAM block & chain, Schwalbe tyres, and Bomber SL forks.

It's not 'just' about the bike.

It's been quite a while since I last posted, but then again that's probably due to my search for the more rounded lifestyle. That's not to say I've not ridden, oh no. I've had some quality rides in the last few months.
All three bikes are working perfectly now, infact I'm having 'Fettle Withdrawl' symptoms. Just nothing seems to be letting me down right now. Which has meant some fast route times and a hankering for just 'pushing it' a bit. Though just pushing it a bit recently had me flat on my back, winded, bleeding and bruised. So I've kind of reined that one in a bit.
Getting back to the title, I'm making the most of the summer to do other things. Like today, I decided not to ride but to head out for a long walk on the Ridgeway with my daughter and Toby the dog. You know it was great to amble along trails that I'd normally fly down. And without trying to sound all 'arty farty' I actually noticed the shapes of the leaves on the trees and the delicate grass on the chalky downs and err stuff. Hiking and camping is definately going on the 'should do more often list'.
I've also done a good deal of that other manly past time........DIY. Proper big jobs like roofing the garage, bunging up facias and gutters, and putting in new lights for my garage workshop.

However, riding the bike is the thing I still like to do when I've got some spare time and the family are happy to live without me, but more often now I prefer to do it alone. That way I can tailor every ride to suit myself. It also means that when I do meet my mates I enjoy it more.
I do have to keep an eye on my fitness a bit though as I've entered the Twentyfour12, just the 12 hour bit and I'll be soloing that on my singlespeed. With that in mind I try to have one half decent ride a month. It's only a bike ride after all, I don't have any goals, aims or targets to meet and I certainly can't be arsed with pulse rates (as long as I've got one I'm happy) or pedal revolutions and all that faff. To me these things are just like festivals, but instead of bands and mud they're bikes and mud. Happy times.
If you're interested the next 'goodun' I'm doing is the Bucks Off Road Classic 100k. I've decided I'm to ride that singlespeed as well. Partly to tick the 100k singlespeed box and partly because I'm a twat.
There is also a rumor going around that I might do the Three Peaks, we'll see.
Right now though riding wise I'm totally happy just to ride my local trails, the sun, the Pines, the sand and the lovely smells are all I need to make me one happy biker.

I'll pop back if anything special happens. Right now I'm working out how to get the contents of my Camelbak into a saddle bag, I hate Camelbaks and their kind. Freedom is what I want.